Squealing Skunk Scandal

Just a few days ago, I was watching Orange is the New Black, when all of a sudden, I heard my mom yelling from across the yard, calling me over to look at something. Curious, I walked to the entrance of her office, which is a separate building a ways away from our house, where my mother stood, pointing at a furry black and white creature. The little animal, a baby skunk, was waddling about, beneath a loquat tree, eating the fallen fruit and paying us onlookers no mind. My mom filled me in on all the details: She had seen it some minutes before with the mother, but the mother had since disappeared and left the little one on its own, and I should be wary of the bushes around, as they might be harboring an angry skunk. Excitedly, I raced to get my sisters camera to capture the moment.

I took pictures for a good fifteen or so minutes, trying to capture every angle, and get a good shot of its cute little face. As time went on though, I caught sight of Sly, my sisters jet black cat, coming ever closer. And not far behind him, some rustling in the tall grass notified me of the Bad Cat, an old, previously tame but now wild Maine Coon that lived somewhere in our yard. The Bad Cat had a limp, so it might have run into the mama skunk before. I decided, after seeing these possible attackers, that it was my job to follow and protect the baby skunk.

It waddled from one place to another, slowly sniffing every branch and every fallen leaf on the ground, testing each paw placement before taking a step. The highlight of my time with it was when I stood stock still, and it crawled up and over my shoe, brushing up against my leg with its soft fur. After a while, I decided I should leave, but I didn’t want the little guy to get eaten, so I urged it in the direction of where my mother had last seen its mother, which was a difficult task on its own, taking a half hour of leaf rustling and noise making to direct it. When I finally felt satisfied, I looked about to make sure neither Sly nor the Bad Cat were in sight, and I let the baby skunk roam off into the wild on its own.


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