Lazlo’s Weenie World

Just a couple of weeks ago, my father, uncle and I flew to the beautiful state of Virginia to participate in the Virginia State Frisbee Tournament, a gathering of mainly old, Frisbee players who all helped found various niche Frisbee sports and events. The tournament itself was over a long, ‘lost’ weekend, as they call it at the tournament, beginning on Friday and going through Sunday evening. It is hosted in Fredericksburg, Virginia, a small town an hour south of DC, where we flew in. The town is situated along one side of the Rappahannock River, which flows into Chesapeake Bay, and Pratt Park, the park we play in, is just across the river. Pratt Park is actually an old Civil War battlefield, and often our Frisbees will land in the dugouts the soldiers used 150 years ago. We flew in on Wednesday night, from California, so we could get to DC and drive into Fredericksburg by 9 am. We stopped at a local diner that we visit every year, the 2400 Diner, and had scrambled eggs with bacon and potatoes.

That Thursday was full of Frisbee Golf rounds and greetings with all our good friends that we hadn’t seen since the year before. When the tournament officially began on Friday, we had nearly tired ourselves out trying to prepare, but we played great, and the highlight of the day was seeing everyone at Lazlo’s Weenie World(AKA The Canteen), a pop up vegan restaurant that is set up specifically for the players. Dozens of volunteers prepare and serve food to players who can sign up for the “Lost Weekend”.  What this does is after a small fee is payed, you are  guaranteed free breakfast, lunch, snacks and unlimited Pabst Blue Ribbon for the entire weekend, Friday through Sunday.  The effort and work that is put into The Canteen is simply mind blowing, and its amazing how dedicated the volunteers are. I am so excited to return next year for a weekend of fun and exhausting Frisbee adventures.

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