Kaibae at Expo West

Just last week, I had the chance to attend Expo West, the largest natural products convention in the world. I went as an ambassador to Kaibae, a company who’s goal is to bring the improved nutrition and health benefits of under-utilized ‘lost crops’ into the global economy. Hosted in Anaheim, CA, over four days the convention itself saw nearly 100,000 attendees and constantly seemed full to the brim. Thousands of exhibitors had set up booths to inform first journalists, executives and other exhibitors, and then in later days the public, about their products. By the end of the day, my sister and I had collected dozens of stickers, pins and other odd souvenirs that had been handed to us throughout the experience. The expo allowed for an elevated mindset that made me realize how big the natural product industry really is and how prevalent it is in our daily lives.


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