Flowering Spring

The last rains of the season fell today. The grass bent over, weighed down with water that had gathered there in the night. Though this may be a sad time, seeing the final storm, and waiting for the accompanying dry heat of summer, the flowers are blooming.

The plum tree is preparing to give fruit, and in doing so, producing beautiful pink trimmed, white flowers. Orange blossoms are dashed across the North-Eastern side of Oakleigh, making for a fairytale setting. The purple periwinkles have popped up everywhere. Most alluring of all though, is the Wisteria. Cascading over an iron pergola, the vines creep and crawl through a lattice work of twisted metal and crossed wood. Faint violet bushels of petal hang down to brush the shoulder of passerby. Yesterday I walked through the purple clouds, only to find myself reminded of the barren stalks that are left behind in the fall, when the leaves dry and the seedpods crackle and snap in the hot summer wind. But for now, I enjoy the soft flowers and smile in their presence.



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