Amazing Aloes

For twenty years, Thomas Cole has collected and grown an assortment of odd looking plants. This store of succulents and aloes has accumulated into an enormously beautiful, alien garden bursting with a symphony of oranges, reds and deep greens. Cole has traveled across East Africa, searching for seeds from which blossom these incredible plants.

In the center of the nursery is an old ramshackle barn with a tin roof and cold cement floor. In its past, it was a horse barn surrounded by a corral that has since become a home for plants. The building itself has been converted into the Midway Bar. It is filled with neon signage and odd paintings that add a certain quaint character. The center piece, while not quite in the center, is an old red arrow with white letters, reading Midway Bar along its length, that hangs outside and lights up with neon. Folks gather in the Bar for parties, notably to commemorate the great poet Robert Burns. For the most part though, people gather to watch Football or Basketball. Occasionally, on Sundays, the Midway Bakehouse will open, and Elena Shelton will prepare breads, pastries and omelettes for family and friends. 


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