Weekend Rain Excursions



Right at the start of the long President’s Day weekend, I had an adventure. My friend Curran and I wandered just beyond the borders of Oakleigh to a sizable creek that was rushing and full of rainwater. This was at 1:30 in the morning. We decided after a while that the water was flowing too fast, and there was nowhere for the frogs to swim (There weren’t any frogs). Curran brought up the idea of building up a large dam to slow the water down and make a big pool. So we got out our phones, turned on the flashlights, and got to work. Right as we stepped in, the water sent a shock through me, as it was damn well near freezing. Nevertheless, we began rolling out large stones and stacking them in more or less a straight line. Some of the stones were slowly moved down stream, while others were violently rushed out of place as soon as we put them down.  We did this all with one hand holding our phones, and decided that this was not going to work. We abandoned our construction site and ran down to my house, where we picked up some essential tools: half a bag of Parmesan Goldfish, as well as some some headlamps. Curran and I arrived back at our dam and began patching the holes between larger stones with smaller rocks and at times sand or dirt. When we felt we had done a stellar job, we took a step back and admired our handiwork. It seemed like we had succeeded in making something resembling a shallow pool,  but the current was barely slowed and water poured from the numerous gaps in our wall. After numerous engineering attempts to patch up our holes and even redirect the flow of the creek to better suit our needs, we wandered off with smiles thoughts of all the frogs that would swim in our stream.



The rest of the weekend I spent lazily stretching across my big purple couch or outside in the rain floating bottle cps down the many rivers created by the rain. I began thinking about the dam, and how well it had survived the downpour that day. I decided i needed to see it for myself, and walked up to the creek. Lo and behold, I could not see anything familiar. Nothing even resembling a wall. The water rushed, and my heart was crushed. While I was up there I did explore up and down the creek, and managed to find several mini waterfalls and the ruins of an old bridge from the early 1900’s, so it wasn’t all bad. I plan to go up after the next rain and see what I can do to rebuild and redesign.



Above is the foundation of the old bridge I found. Feel free to comment and ask about my rainy adventures! Have a great day.



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